April 2009

Volume 5, number 2

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April 2009.


News, miscellaneous and

‘Buy and Sell’ market.


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A visit at

Theo van de Bogaard

in Kerkdriel (NL).


Theo is a breeder of King pigeons from the bottom of his heart and to­day he is a know King fancier in Hol­land and abroad, admired for his splen­did breeding results in the co­lour va­rie­ties white, black, brown, an­da­lu­sian, blue black barred and black tigered.


By : Aviculture Europe

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Promise is debt; already in the 2008 February issue we promised you a breed special on the Minorca and here it is finally. Minorcas pro­ba­bly des­cen­ded directly from the Cas­tilian, an ancient Spanish breed. The more improved Minorca ca­me from the Balearic Islands of Me­nor­ca.


By : Dan Honour (US) and

Hilbert Pater (NL)

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With the growing interest of the Swiss Breeds I thought the time might have come for a glance at this fascinating Group of Pigeons. To start with there are 24 different Breeds, split into three main grou­pings. All the breeds and groupings are named after the District or 'Can­ton' of origin; that is equivalent to a small 'County' in English.


By: Mick Bassett

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When we contacted Piet v.d. Mel in Ka­me­rik (NL) and asked him whe­ther he was willing to play the main part in our following fancier’s in­ter­view, we supposed he was a Wyan­dotte bantam breeder. Piet was ve­ry surprised, as … he didn’t breed Wy­an­dotte ban­tams, but Ply­mouth Rock ban­tams and we we­re wel­co­me to have a look.


By : Elly Vogelaar

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On Poultry Shows,

Breeders and Judges.


Poultry breeding is as much an art as it is science. For it involves a keen sense of beauty, but it also re­qui­res a sig­ni­fi­cant amount of know­ledge - both theoretical and prac­tical. No matter what breeds one choo­ses, the sum of time, ener­gy, de­dica­tion and money in­vol­ved is stag­ge­ring for any­one who is not a hob­byist, but the re­wards are in proportion.


By : Haralambi Athes

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Theo van Dissel

from Pigeon-crazy

to Chamberlain.


Theo is known as a breeder of se­ve­ral pi­geon breeds, in spe­cial the Bokhara Trump­eter. But more­over he is a col­lec­tor of pigeon books and every­thing that has to do with fan­cy pigeons, as a result of which he has many contacts in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly.


By : Nico van Benten

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At the very low temperature, of the Ca­na­dian Winter, the fowls’ combs and wattles in general but es­pe­cial­ly those of the roosters, freezes. This is why Brother Wilfrid, in char­ge of the poul­try depart­ment at the Cis­ter­cian abbey of Oka, decided to cre­ate a new breed that would be as white as the snow and standing with the mi­ni­mum of comb and wat­tles, in ad­di­tion they should keep la­ying during the winter!


By : Michel Boulianne (Canada)

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encounter of Silkie &

Poland fanciers IN



The European Silkie Show & In­ter­na­tio­nal Poland Show was held in Bru­ges, on the 25th and 26th of Oc­to­ber 2008. The Show was or­ga­ni­sed by the Koninklijke Angora Klein­vee­club of Bruges, in co-ope­ra­tion with the Dutch Silkie Bree­ders’ Club. Apart from the 1100 ani­mals of va­rious breeds, 425 Silkies and Po­lands we­re pre­sent from 5 coun­tries.


By : Hans Ringnalda

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In September 2008 I visited Swe­den. My in­ten­tion was to find me a fi­ne Bel­gian Hare (Rab­bit breed) but on request of the Aviculture Eu­ro­pe ma­ga­zine I also did a ‘chicken tour’ around the region. 


By : Maureen Hoyle

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Part 1.


Proud owners, top animals and stri­king breed products. This time: NPA Pro­mo­tie Show in Florida US, Poul­try at the Nuremberg Show in  Ger­ma­ny and the Egg Contest in Me­rel­be­ke, Bel­gium.


By : B. Burnside (USA)

Mick Bassett (D)

Dirk de Jong (NL)

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Part 2.


Proud owners, top animals and stri­king breed products. This time: The Fan­cy Pi­geons at the Nuremberg Show (Germany) in December 2008.


By : Mick Bassett

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