December 2007

Volume 3, number 6.





December 2007.


News, miscellaneous and ‘Buy and Sell’ market.


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It’s Celebration Time in The Haque.


Valenciana Breeders Club Ce­le­bra­ting its 60-Year’s Jubilee by means of a very special exhibition, where for the very first time the Valenciana was exhibited in two classes, na­me­ly the Exhibiton Class and the Fly­ing Class. Following we visited two breeders; Chiel Jungslager  and Ben Moll.


By : Nico van Benten

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The Old Dutch Capuchine.


The Old Dutch Capuchine is a tal­ked-about breed and belongs to the most popular national fancy pigeon breeds in the Netherlands and a­broad. The commitment of a num­ber of influential people from the glo­ri­ous past of the specialty club cer­tain­ly has contributed to that. The breed belongs to the group of struc­ture pigeons and owes its po­pu­larity to its vitality and attractive pre­sen­tation.


By : Nico van Benten

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Some years ago we promised our ga­me­fowl friends Konstantin Tipi­cidis Dibighev and Alex Ivanov to vi­sit them in Russia. Finally we boo­ked up for the trip. Despite my in­te­rest in gamefowl only I was really im­pres­sed by other interesting Rus­sian breeds like the Pavlova fowl and Yurlov Long­crower.


By : Willem van Ballekom

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Although the Rhinelander was crea­ted as a super utility breed able to cope with cold climates and with good laying qualities, for me this breed rates very highly as a most beau­tiful show breed. So it was a plea­sure to visit Mr A.F.G.J. Bardoel in Escharen (NL); a qualified and en­thu­siastic breeder of both large and bantam Rhinelander.


By : Elly Vogelaar

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Winter time.


As we snuggle by the fireplace the­re is no need to worry about our fea­the­red friends. Nice and cosy in their natural down comforters they will do just fine in the winter wea­ther, as long as the proper pre­pa­ra­tion of winter considerations has been made.


By : Monique de Vrijer

Translation : Diana Hedrick

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Ducks do have a very positive cha­ris­ma. To many people a duck is “a hap­py animal with big flat feet”. Is this caused by their nice, soft sha­pes? Everything in a duck’s shape is nicely rounded. Or could it be cau­sed by the way they walk, with their typical waddling way of moving for­ward, I wonder.


By : Dirk de Jong

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Keeping Fancy Pigeons.

Part 2.


There has been a fair bit written about the do's and don'ts of how to keep Pigeons. This is just some prac­tical advice from what I have learnt over the last 50 years. It’s not scien­tific, it’s not 'by the book' but it works! In Part 2: Choosing your Pi­ge­ons.


By : Mick Bassett

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In the case of ornamen­tal breeds, foot­feathering is a highly im­pres­sive feature, starting with the Barbu D’Uccle and ending with Brahma and Cochin. However, there are so­me breeds that should have a cer­tain type of foot­feathering and a cer­tain amount of footfeathers, like Ma­rans, Faverolles or Croad Langs­han; these breeds have “poor” foot­feathers, In this article, I will refer most­ly to the two giant breeds for which footfeathering is a distinctive, highly-praised characteristic: Brah­ma and Cochin.


By : Bobo Athes

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The Board of the NHDB is planning a number of special things to or­ga­ni­se in 2008 on occasion of the 40 year’s Jubilee. This story is about how the idea was born to donate a las­ting memory to all members. Not a cup, no medal or diploma; tho­se are fine and valuable but this ti­me it had to be something really ex­clu­sive.


By : Ad Taks

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People - Birds - Memories.


While I am writing this, I’m on the train back to Romania, and I’m ta­king this chance to put down some thoughts while they are still fresh (and over 40 hours and 2500 kilo­me­tres of travelling give you enough time to do this...). Should the memories fade away, I still have so­me 300 pictures to remind me that I really was there.


By : Bobo Athes

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A collection of three extraordinary

short articles.


1. Where Will Jopie Jopie

    Celebrate Christmas?

    Author : Elsbeth Eisma.

2. Canadian Pigeon rings.

    Author : Jan Lombard.

3. Russian Bearded Fowl.

    Author : Bernard Hanskamp.


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Proud owners, top animals and stri­king breed products. This time: Sil­kie Club Show and Rosecomb Club Day (NL).


By : PR Rosecomb Club,

Dirk de Jong & Monique de Vrijer.

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Proud owners, top animals and stri­king breed products. This time:  The Midden Veluwe Show (NL).


By : Peter van den Top

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Proud owners, top animals and stri­king breed products. This time: Club Day of the Specialty Club for Ibe­rian Pigeon Breeds SIS in The Hague, The Netherlands.


By : Aviculture Europe

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